Parent Testimonials

My son was very shy when he came here and they instantly put him at ease. He is about to turn 5 in the summer and has been going here for two years and we are sad that he is going to a regular KG program in the fall. 

He was loved and nurtured at Tassajara Montessori as if he was one of Ms. Mona's own children. He has developed into a confident and articulate little guy. He loves to read and to be read to and he is focused on "works" that he is given at home or in other settings. 
He is always bringing interesting projects that's he's done. He learned so much in his first month there we knew this was the right place for him. 
The teacher to child ratio is low and there are I think at max 12 children so the kids become quite a close community. 
The children are given snacks of fresh fruit, crackers and cool treats (like sushi rolls) depending upon what is being taught. 
The location is very nice and parking is easy. This school is in a home and they maintain the school and play yard just like any other school.   I think you should definitely schedule a visit if you haven't already.

-Naureen H.

Mona's teaching has provided strong foundation for our children and prepared them well to enter Kindergarten and into the next school level. She made learning a fun experience and encouraged them to try new things. We saw the tremendous improvement in them throughout the year. She gave us feedback and we value her input.

I am thrilled to provide a testimonial:
"My daughter Charlotte can't wait to go to school.  I am sure it is because Mona Haq is such a wonderful and capable teacher.  The children do everything from learn about the solar system to practice cooking in the kitchen.  Since she began attending Tassajara Montessori, my daughter has shown amazing improvement in her understanding of basic math concepts, yet in a no-pressure, nurturing environment.  I would definitely recommend Tassajara Montessori to anyone."

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We cannot say enough thank you to Tassajara Montessori School. We enrolled our daughter right after we moved to Danville last September. This not only helped our daughter quickly adapt to the new environment, but also improved her social skills. She always learns something new and exciting from the school, either a new song, a beautiful craft, or even a world map. We are very pleased to see her become more confident academically and socially. Most of all, she feels loved and respected at her school, and is very happy to be with her teachers and friends.
-Julia (Alice’s Mom)

Mrs. Mona is a fabulous teacher. We could not have asked for a better person to teach our child the importance of an education.  The self confidence that our son has developed by going to Tassajara Montessori is invaluable.  The patience Mrs. Mona has towards her students is not only remarkable, but admirable as well.  She has taught my child how to express himself in a positive manner, which is something I have been unsuccessful with.  She is very passionate about teaching, and you can see how much she cares for her students in her eyes.  With that being said, I can not say enough good things about Mrs. Mona as well as Tassajara Montessori.  I am so thankful that I found Mrs. Mona, I have no idea where I would be without her.
Thanks again for being so special, you truly are very important to us!
-Barbara C.


Mona is a great teacher. She sincerely cares about our daughter’s progress both academically and emotionally. She creatively adjusts and tailors her teaching methods and materials to the student’s learning style and interests. She consistently updates the parents about the children’s progress. She has fostered a great learning environment that encourages children to explore and gain self awareness and esteem. The students learns not only the basics, but learned about science, geography, Spanish, and other cultures. Our daughter looks forward to going to pre-school daily and often asks whether she can go to school early.
-Betty L.